Covid19-We care

With a high sense of responsibility, the rental apartments Window in the Aegean 1 & 2 following the Health Protocols and receiving a certificate from the Chamber of Cyclades informs the visitors about the restart from 15-6-2020.

Check-in 15.00 – Check-out 11.00

Taking precautions:

  1. Cleaning-Disinfection
  •  Deep cleaning of all areas.
  •  Intensification of cleaning and disinfection frequency.
  •  Intensification of cleaning and disinfection in air conditioning filters
  •  Natural and intensive space ventilation.
  •  More regular cleaning and disinfection of toilets (and its equipment) of customers and staff, with appropriate chemicals.
  •  Use Wipes or spray with disinfectant and microfiber cloths with color separation, which are washed properly and regularly.
  •  Steam cleaning after each use
  1. Personal Hygiene and Health
  • Training of staff in preventive measures, personal hygiene, the use of MDC (Mask-Distance-Cleaning) and the new way of working. Issuance of a certificate of participation in the training to all employees.
  • Use gloves & mask with a different color. Frequent change of these.
  • Dispenser with hand sanitizer (63-70% alcohol) are placed in key places for guests.
  • Dispensers with hand sanitizer (63-70% alcohol) are placed in the workplace of the staff.
  • Training in case recognition and management of Covid-19 case based on Health Protocols.
  • An intact check-in & check-out mode is provided and recommended.
  • Unsolicited sending of invoices & receipts is provided and recommended.
  • Keeping distances is recommended

In addition:

  • Ongoing monitoring of protocols in accordance with the instructions of the Ministry.
  • Due to Coronovirus (COVID-19), as already mentioned, measures have been taken to protect visitors and its staff. As a result, some services and benefits may be limited or unavailable.
  • Additional documents may be requested from visitors to address Coronation (COVID-19) to verify their identity, their itinerary and other relevant information.